We do not sell Real Estate...and you don't Manage it...synergy!

At tahoeXperience we do not sell Real Estate.  We do help our clients and partners identify amazing properties, analyze the financials and rental demand potential, and help make an informed buying decision with actual facts and figures to ensure they are buying the property that meets their financial goals.   How can we help you the Real Estate Sales Expert close more deals?  

How we can help


The Right Location...

The Right Location...


We are experts in the Short Term Rental market. We will assist with rental revenue projections, what a guest is looking for in a property, and the types of locations that guests desire. Let us help guide your clients decision.

The Right Location...

The Right Location...

The Right Location...


There is always a macro question of where to buy an investment property...Lake Tahoe or another destination market.  More specifically where to buy within the micro market is especially important when purchasing a Vacation Rental Property.  

Design Matters

Free Property Analysis

Free Property Analysis


The layout of the property, the finishes, the staging, and the amenities all matter.  Selecting a property that "feels" right is important to maximize guest satisfaction and this will make or break the financial performance of your clients purchase.

Free Property Analysis

Free Property Analysis

Free Property Analysis


Have a client looking at an Investment Property?  Are you the listing agent interested in having the analysis for potential buyers?  Reach out to us and tell us the address and provide a link to the listing and we will get back to your shortly.

Our Knowledge

Expert Short Term Rental Managers.

Having an expert Rental Management team at your disposal will undoubtedly close more sales and lead to a more satisfied client that will refer you to other potential buyers and sellers.   Our expert team consists of Marketing, Finance, Operations, Technology, and Management efficiency.

We pride ourselves on our understanding of the Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental market but equally important our understanding of what visitors to the region are looking for in an amazing rental Xperience.   Providing our expert knowledge to your clients will give them the piece of mind that they selected the right property which fits their financial goals.  


The Right location

Macro vs. Micro decisions.

Picking the right location for your clients 2nd home purchase is a top three decision.  Understanding the micro decisions can be challenging for even the most experienced Real Estate Professional.  Do you know how Airbnb's listing services Map out rentals and rank them?  Do you know the challenges each HOA creates for Short Term Rentals?  Do you know which areas visitors to the area search first?   These and many other decision points can make or break a Short Term Rental and could be the difference between a rental meeting your clients goals or failing.  Providing our knowledge to your client can help close the sale and ensure a great referral partner in the future.  



Design matters

Additional Information.

The architecture and the layout of a rental property matters to guests.  They prefer not to stay in a property that reminds them of home.  Funky is ok...too funky is not.  I may not want a spiral staircase in my home but it would be fun for 4, 5, 6 days.  The design of the space, the decor, and the color palette do matter.  The key here is keep it neutral with colorful pieces that are easy to change out; throw pillows, art, deco, etc. are inexpensive to swap but a Red couch will set you back a few dollars.  Funky furniture may catch the eye but the guest is looking for comfortable and cozy.  Design matters!


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