TahoeXperience came from humble beginnings. Long before we were a property management company, we were a cleaning company. In 2009 owners Lawrence and Renay Rickman created a residential/commercial cleaning company. A few years later, in 2011, they joined a Luxe rental company on the west shore of Lake Tahoe. Soon, their work got the attention of an Incline Village boutique vacation rental company, so in 2014 they took over the entire operational side of the business. Everything from cleaning, to maintenance, inspecting, and quality assurance, creating a higher level of industry standards.

It didn’t take long for Larry and Renay to realize that the property management industry was missing something. Companies were heavily invested in booking engines and guest services leaving the important detail of property upkeep behind. What seemed obvious to Larry and Renay, was completely overlooked by the property management masses. Over the next several years, they saw the industry changing, small operations were being acquired by larger ones like Vacasa and Turnkey and still, the properties were not the priority. In 2015 they began to build systems that would revolutionize the industry. The process took time, and in 2019 they launched their own full-service property management company.

If nothing else, the year 2020 was validation for Larry and Renay’s core beliefs. The need for clean property was never more important than it was during a pandemic. Cleanliness was the single highest concern for guests and their families. Record number of bookings, back-to-back guest turnover, and constant reassurance were the new normal. Where the explosion of bookings could have buried other companies, we saw this as an opportunity. Investors were eager to purchase rental properties that could be quickly set up and listed. Adding design services to our catalog was a natural next step. With years of experience in the industry, Larry and Renay were able to assist owners quickly and efficiently in turning an empty property into a beautifully appointed, ultra-clean, stunning listing ready to maximize high-earning potential.

Our goal is to provide beautiful, stylish, homes where no detail has been left unnoticed. Additionally, we offer unique experiences including adventures, catering, charcuterie boards, and family events, paired with seamless guest and owner services. We use proprietary technology to streamline our processes, teams to design and maintain beautifully appointed homes and Xperiences that will become lasting memories.

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