Process Improvement (3 steps):

  • Prior to guest arrival an inspector completes a 100 point inspection with 30+ pictures required, this is sent to the owner.  They also turn lights on, heat on, as well as relaxing smooth jazz.  This impacts the quality of guestXperience from the outset.


  • Upon guest departure cleaning vendor arrives and utilizes our electronic checksheet to complete the cleaning and restaging of the property - with 30+ pictures required.

  • Semi-annually we complete a 200 point inspection of the property to verify the inventory, maintenacne and operating condition of the property.  This is shared with our owners and workorders created to manage any item identified.  

Leverage Technology:

  • Our process improvements above are driven by our proprietary technology.  Reservations trigger automated scheduling of inspections, cleans, and workorders.

  • Owners receive consistent communication about their property; reservation reports, workorders, checksheets, and more all automated by our technology.

  • We have further enhanced our properties by ensuring they are all using the most up to date technology for lock security, thermostat control, and AI camera technology that helps us to effectively secure the property.

Elevate Guest Experience:

  • The number 1 complimented item from our guests is cleanliness, the number 2 item is stylish space, and the #3 is great amenities.  Our processes help us to provide our guests a very clean or organized home. 

  • Our concierge helps our guests find the activities they are looking for from amazing locals that love Tahoe and want to show her off to our guests.

  • Our guests are our priority and the reason for our processes.  Every decision starts and ends with how it will impact the guest

Reduce Overhead:

  • The largest expense you have beyond your mortgage is your Management companies fees per reservation.  All of the above has been created with two things in mind: how do we provide the guests a truly outstanding rental Xperience and how do we reduce overhead costs so that we are able to pass on savings to our owners. 

  • Our offer: 20% commission fees for the first 12 months during this crisis.  A 25% rate after 12 months.

  • Coupled with our free property analysis we can help you reduce costs now.

Current Promotion

 20% commission fees for the first 12 months.  25% rate after 12 months.