Takeout options

Most of our restaurants are offering takeout options currently with many offering socially distanced dine in available as well.  One of our favorite take out options is the BBQ basket from Brewforia.  Tell them how many people and get the main course and sides all ready to go just pop it on the BBQ grill, heat up the sides and viola instant BBQ without all the headache of planning, buying, and preparing.  To learn more contact us via chat.

Pre-prep meals

Arrive to a fridge/freezer stocked with pre-made meals of your choosing.  One of our private chefs can create pre-made meals prior to your arrival and we will have them delivered and staged in the freezer/refrigerator on your day of arrival.  This is a great way to avoid the time necessary to plan, purchase, and prepare your meals during your visit while also supporting an amazing chef in the local community.   

Private Chef for the evening

Select an amazing menu based on your dietary needs and have a private chef prepare the meal in house.  They will setup the ambiance, plan, purchase and prepare your meal right in your rental home. Leaving you to enjoy your family and friends while all the hard work is done by an amazing local chef.  

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